CGC’s Custom Art Glass


Diana’s Journey – Private Collection

Here I am working on Diana’s Journey. I built the panel in two pieces, then soldered the earth on as the final step









You can see the 3D effect from this shot.

Diana’s Journey

I created this 3 dimensional piece for a private collection in Lake Oroville, CA. The client wanted something very special that would tell her story. After listening to her years living on the CA coast and her love for astrology I came up with the idea of using the CA coastline and then, if you will, superimposing the earth over the top in 3D! She wanted the North star and the big dipper represented as well so I included a night sky too.

The challenge was to build a mold with just the right shape for the earth. I had purchased a blank fiberglass mold from Odyssey Molds and found that the top of that mold had just about the right shape. I added some plaster to the top to adjust the shape and then drew the design right on the mold.

The next challenge was to have the rest of the piece strong enough to support the 3D earth piece. I detest outside supports so I ran re-strip (this should be in every glass artists tool box) in between almost all the lines on the coastline. I was pleasently surprised with how strong this piece turned out, thanks to the re-strip.

The glass is all by DeSag. The sheets of glass were art pieces in themselves and did most of the work for me. I didn’t need to put in too many lines as the glass was perfect!

When I told the client the name of the piece she had tears in her eyes. We’re so lucky, as artists to be able to create what people dream up and have them so appreciative of the talent.


Dixon’s Peacock

We just finished this peacock panel for a wonderful couple, the Dixons! It was created with Yougiogheny, Uroboros and Spectrum glass. The eye’s of the peacock feathers are fused with Spectrums System 96 and CBS Dichroic glass.

We’ll add more pictures after the panel is installed.

Close-up of tail with fused “eyes” and dichroic accents.

Dogwood with Drapery Glass & Other Art Glass Projects

This Dogwood panel was inspired by a piece of Uroboros drapery glass that caught Pamela’s eye while she was at the wholesale glass warehouse. She instantly saw the piece complete in her minds eye. The dogwood tree at her home was in full bloom so Pamela took advantage and created the drawing for this panel. 

Close-up of Dogwood Panel

-Private Collection

Stained Glass Panel: Dancing Cranes

etched panel – Mother Mary

3D Fused Glass: “Music” by Pamela Funk

This 3D fused glass sculpture was created for a private collection.

Fused Iris by Carlene Funk











Etched Panel: Grapevines with Glue Chip




Tiffany Lamps are my Passion!

My great-great uncle worked for Tiffany at the turn of the century, maybe that’s where my passion for creating Tiffany Reproductions Lamps came from. Whatever the reason, when I’m working on a lamp, I’m lovin’ it! I’ve been known to stay up all night just to get the lamp to a place I can get if off the mold and see how it turned out!

My other passion is sculpting so I started “sculpting” the pieces of glass to create a 3D effect on my lamps. All the custom lamps I’ve since created, they always want me to sculpt it. It creates a wonderful dimension.

16″ Poppy Tiffany Reproduction                      

-in private collection  

20″ Peony Tiffany Reprodcution

-in artists collection