Stained Glass Classes

Stained Glass Classes

Wednesdays: 5:30pm to 8pm

NEW! One Saturday of each month we’re Opening the Studio for an Open Lab! (We’re not currently doing the workshops, Pam’s working on very large windows for a church and needs all the tables!)

11am to 2pm – $10 for non-students, $8 for current students. First come first serve, project size limited due to space. 15 spaces available. Check our calendar for dates!

Creative Glass Carvings has been offering Stained Glass Classes for over 25 years. We teach in a unique manner where we fill our classes with a mixture of experience levels of students. We feel this gives the students a chance to learn from each other, thereby offering the students a broader opportunity for learning. We add a couple of beginning students at a time, giving us a chance to spend the time needed to get the new students started and still leaving us time to tend to our advanced students. To ensure that all our students get the attention needed, we limit our class size. In overfilled classes, students can fall through the cracks, become frustrated and quit. We don’t want anyone who’s interested in the stained glass hobby to give up just because they couldn’t get the attention they needed to be successful.

We also believe that there are some very specific tools that will help ensure the success of the new student. After 33 years of creating custom stained glass, and CELEBRATING OUR 26th YEAR in Business, we’ve learned which tools are a must and which ones are a luxery. We believe that you can spend your money on glass and frustration or on the right tools and achieve success.

All prices listed here are subject to change!

Our Tool Package:

Toyo Cutter: The best cutter on the market and will withstand the abuse of a new student and still last for years!: $38.95

Cutting Oil:

for your Toyo Cutter, No dipping! $4.25

Breaking Pliers:

An economy pliers that should be in every box of tools.


Safety Break System:

The most impressive tool on the market! We’ll just have to demo this one for you!


Weller 802 watt Soldering Iron:

This is the most reliable 80 watt Iron on the market! Don’t skimp on this tool or you’ll never finish a project!


Temperature Control:

The temperature control is a must to ensure even heat to your soldering iron…even if you have a built in control! They just aren’t reliable.


Inland Glass Sation:

You can pay more and purchase all the components that this station offers separately or have it all in one convenient work station.


Layout Block System

One of the most common give-a-way of a first project is that it’s out of square! Our students learn right from the start to keep their project square and the same size it was intended to be. Your current project may not need to be fitted into an existing space but maybe your next one does. We teach you right from the start to ensure your project will fit where ever you want to put it. $19.95


Total Package: $184.50


Less 15% Discount:



Your Cost:


Click here to order this package online.

Other Supplies you’ll need:

You will need other miscellaneous supplies listed in the packet you will receive when you pay your tuition, but these are supplies you will need to complete your project that you most likely won’t have at home. Remember, during your six week course, you’ll receive a 10% discount on all your glass and supplies!

Copper Foil:

This copper tape is wrapped around each piece of glass, then soldered to hold your project together.


Oxy Stop:

Used to clean you project and stop the oxidation, giving yu time to patina.


Quick Set Solder:

This solder will help you achive a quality soldering finish.

$21.80 WOW metals have gone sky high!

We would love to offer a lower priced Solder. However, you get what you pay for and the lower priced solders are also lower quality and have more impurities in them which effects the quality of your ability to get a good finish. We’re biting the bullet and sticking with quality over price and hoping it will come down soon.

Classic 100 Gel Flux:

Flux is used to make the solder stick to your copper foil.



Used to stain the solder with a copper or black finish.


Finishing Compound:





Click here to order these supplies online.

Glass Grinder:

Glass Grinders and saws are available for your use during class time. If you continue creating stained glass from home, you’ll need to purchase a grinder of your own, but this purchase can be deferred until you decide to work from home.

$129.00 (purchase this grinder, and get the grinder station and eye shield support for FREE!)

Grinder Station


Glass grinders can create quite a mess so this shield is a must to keep your grinding area clean.


Eye Shield Support:

This support will hold a clear piece of window glass that will protect your eyes from flying glass chips during grinding.


Click here to order this Grinder package online.

Class Tuition:

Class tuition is $110 for six 2 1/2 hour classes. After you have completed your six sessions you may come to class anytime (if class size allows) for an $8 lab fee.

NEW! If you have taken a stained glass class from another studio in the last two years, you may join our classes for a $10 lab fee for the first six classes, then moving down to the $8 lab fee. This requires a receipt showing your paid tuition from another studio (or a piece of completed work to share with us) to ensure you have recent stained glass experience and are an advanced student.

Your Teachers:






•Stained Glass

•Glass Fusing




•Stained Glass

•Glass Fusing

Your teachers, Pam and Carly are a mother and daughter team. Carly teaches the Wednesday evening stained glass classes (her picture shows why that class is always full), along with team teaching with Pam, the glass fusing classes. Pam teaches the Monday morning stained glass classes as well as team teaching the glass fusing classes with Carly . Also, come in anytime for some advice, at least one of us are usually there to help you on your way!

Our classes are ongoing so you can join anytime! Call us or email for availability! 530-872-8889 toll free: 877-874-8889



Creative Glass offers fusing classes!

  • Come by and see the beautiful fused pieces from the fusing classes.
  • W offer beginning fusing class most every month (check our online class schedule). We already have students in these classes so don’t hesitate to sign up now. The beginning classes are also being offered through Butte Community College (no you don’t need to sign up through Butte College, you can sign up online or at Creative Glass Carvings) so they fill up quick! For more information on glass fusing classes click on “Fusing Class” from the sidebar.
  • For those who have taken our beginning fusing class or are already fusing glass and would to take some advanced classes we offer classes on fused jewelry and glass slumping, check our online class schedule for dates.


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